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Check out the lastest, and most loved, locally made content. And shhhhhhhhhh it's free to view!

Below are but a few from the massive list of NZ's finest "Must Watch". 

They are listed below in alphabetical order and include the place to view it!

And look what NZ on Air just added to the mix - ALL the music and content they have funded Watch and Listen | Tirohia, Whakarongo friends.

7 Days - ThreeNow

Hosted by Jeremy Corbett, with team captains Dai Henwood and Paul Ego, 7 Days sees New Zealand's top comedians pit their wits against the week's news and each other. Made with the support of NZ on Air.

Ahikāroa - Māori Television

New Zealand's hottest new Māori bilingual series which follows the trials and tribulations of best friends Smooch, Hemi and Geo. Available On Demand to viewers in Australia and NZ. Made with the support of NZ on Air. (AO)

The Bad Seed - TVNZ OnDemand

Based on a series of books by award-winning New Zealand author, Charlotte Grimshaw, The Bad Seed tells the story of two brothers from the same dysfunctional family who, having escaped the desperate days of their early childhood, find their newly ordered lives falling apart when one becomes a suspect in a murder.

The Brokenwood Mysteries - Prime Catch Up

There’s something about a murder mystery that is forever compelling. The elements are timeless. The comfortable, somewhat homely location- in our story, a small, vaguely familiar rural town. The hero- a solid, dependable cop with more than a few flaws but a twinkle in his eye - often underestimated by both friends and enemies. The crime. Macabre, inventive and totally mystifying. The suspects. Always a collection of quirky, complex characters. Made with the support of NZ On Air

The Casketeers - TVNZ OnDemand

Francis and Kaiora Tipene are the passionate proprietors of Tipene Funerals. This is a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of their business and into this little-explored but vital service, where our culture's last taboo is being addressed with dignity and aroha.

Country Calendar - TVNZ OnDemand

Take a look at iconic rural Kiwi life in New Zealand's longest running television series! Made with the support of NZ on Air.

The Cul de Sac - TVNZ OnDemand

Imagine waking up to find your world had changed. No adults, no technology, no explanation. The thrilling teen drama, made with the support of NZ on Air.


Nine dragsters from across New Zealand take on a series of challenges until one is crowned the winner.

Kitchen Science - HeiHei

Join Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl & The Imaginauts) and her helpers as they create fun and exciting science experiments that you can do at home. A candle made out of a nut? A soap-powered boat? A chicken in a cup? It's all possible on Kitchen Science. (G)

Tōku Whare Kōhanga Reo - Māori Television

A brand new renovation, character driven series, delivering humour, history and heart!

WhatNow - HeiHei

What Now is here with more gunge, foam, games ... and more. You can also binge all of your favourite clips here exclusively on HEIHEI. (G)


The Wests return for a brand new season of NZ's number one drama! It's 1987 - The year where the West family faces extinction and must choose to either fight or flee. And fleeing, let's face it, is not in their DNA. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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