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While the screen industry is currently in lockdown there are several sectors in New Zealand who are experiencing high demand. We've been working with agencies across all industries to identify opportunities for screen industry workers to keep busy and keep earning, so take a look below at these immediate and/or temporary work opportunities from:

(Have you applied for work via this page? We'd love to get feedback on what you think of these work opportunities, and how you found the application process. Please take a moment to give us your feedback so we can ensure we stay relevant to the sector's needs.)

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AWF Madison Group

AWF Madison Group are working in partnership with many New Zealand-based and international organisations that need quality staff, both temporary and permanent, as they navigate through what is an unknown landscape.

AWF is New Zealand’s largest industrial recruitment
company, by size and national coverage, with a focus on supplying workers in:

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  • Construction

  • Food Production

  • Infrastructure & Civil

  • Manufacturing & Operations

  • Trades & Services

  • Transport & Logistics

  • Waste Management

The Madison team spans six offices, including Auckland City, Auckland South East, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch. Their vision, values and culture have built an award-winning brand that is recognised for quality, value and an innovative approach to recruitment in:

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Customer Service

  • Contact Centre

  • Procurement

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Administration

  • Human Resources

  • Policy

  • Program & Project Management

As a business prior to, and throughout COVID-19, AWF and Madison have partnered with essential services’ supply chain, Government and Industry in a time of need. They welcome contact from screen sector workers with a range of transferable skills that might suit in any of the above roles. You can view this message for more information, or contact them via the details below. - ph: 0800 88 88 60 - ph: 09 303 44 55

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Northern REgional Alliance

To help fight Covid-19 a specialist workforce team is sourcing people and matching them to health and support roles in the community. The team has a database of interested health and community workers available for emergency Covid-19 placements.


Skills particularly needed are for community health/support workers, care navigators, cultural support and mental health support workers. 

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There is also strong interest in the following skills and qualifications:

  • Operations and project managers

  • Human resources, communications and IT support

  • Orderlies and cleaners

  • Security workers, particularly with airport clearance

  • Builders, carpenters, electricians and maintenance workers

  • Administration professionals

Shifts are available with a range of community health providers in Auckland and throughout New Zealand. For more information on general listings visit Northern Regional Alliance's COVID-19 Workforce page or register here.​ 

In addition to the general positions they are also looking for workers in specific areas as follows:

MĀori and Pasifika Healthcare Professionals Registration Portal

The goal is to match Māori or Pasifika health care workers to Māori or Pasifika community health and care providers who need staff. There is an online registration process for Māori health and community healthcare workers and for Pasifika community healthcare workers to apply. Skills particularly needed are for community health/support workers, care navigators, cultural support, mental health support workers along with Kaiataawhai, Kaimanaaki, and kaitautoko.


MĀori workforce link:

Pasifika workforce link:


There is a dedicated Relationship Manager who is part of the community ‘sourcing’ team and available to assist with staffing requests. The Relationship Manager will work closely with providers to support immediate and future planning for staffing throughout this emergency. 


Mental Health workforce for communities

Mental Health challenges faced by our communities, friends and whanau can’t be avoided by washing hands or wearing gloves. Mental illness is exacerbated by isolation and disconnect from others. We are seeking to recruit mental health professionals to work within mental health and addictions services across the Auckland regional DHBs and NGOs. We need Psychologists, Community Support Workers, Peer Support Workers, Psychotherapists and Councillors. We need Mental Health Nurses, Social Workers, Family therapists and AOD Practitioners. Visit our portal to register into our Emergency COVID-19 database of Mental Health Professionals.


Over the coming weeks Sky is offering $1 million worth of TV advertising airtime to charities and community organisations aligned with Covid-19 support efforts in New Zealand. Whether they are seeking awareness, donations or just want to share their story, this is a great opportunity for those in the screen sector to get involved and help out.

If you've noticed a charity or organisation making a real difference in recent weeks and think you have a great idea for how to share their story, now's the time to get in touch and explore whether you can make an application together. 

Sky communities.PNG

Or, if you'd like to offer your services as a creative, producer or animator you can contact Sky and they'll spread the word to charities and organisations looking for talent. Entries close 5PM, Monday 27th April - get to it!

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nz marketplace

The NZ Marketplace is updated and managed by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE). It is designed to work as a matching platform to allow New Zealand businesses to connect with other New Zealand businesses that may need or have extra resource at this time. 

Follow the link below for information on available positions across a range of industries throughout New Zealand, with a variety of skillsets and qualifications required.

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Work the Seasons is an online platform that connects Employers directly with Job Seekers and provides the ability for NZ Job Seekers to get access to seasonal jobs in a variety of essential industries.

You will need to create a profile in order to find suitable opportunities. (Note that not all the jobs listed may be in essential industries.)

To view listings visit their job search page. or, register for work here. Their website also has a series of skill assessment games  to help you portray your skills to a potential employer, and a number of free short courses which help you upskill in key areas.

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Dominos Pizza Ashburton.png

Domino’s is looking for up to 1000 Kiwis to work in delivery roles throughout the country when their stores are able to reopen.

Domino’s is encouraging those who may have recently lost jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis to apply, as often the skills in the tourism, events and hospitality industries are easily transferable. 

Visit their website for more information and to apply.

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