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Established in mid-March 2020 by the Screen Sector Strategy 2030 Facilitation Group, the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group is a pan-sector team, made up of representatives from many key industry guilds and organisations, as well as major stakeholders.


While the work of finalising the Screen Sector Strategy 2030 continues, the Screen Sector Facilitation Group felt it was essential to urgently establish a working group to address the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Screen Sector and to ensure that when recovery happens – and it will – we are all ready to gear back up and get the screen industry in Aotearoa humming again. 


A key finding of the Screen Sector Strategy 2030 is the desire for a pan-sector unified voice and while that pan sector body is some time away still, it is evident that now, more than ever, our industry needs to work cohesively and it is with that in mind that this working group has been formed.

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The group’s members and stakeholders are as follows:

Screen sector Covid-19 Action Group


Alice Shearman

Brian Finn

Denise Roche

Felicity Letcher 

Grant Baker


Hineani Melbourne 

Kelly Lucas 

Matthew Metcalfe 

Marc Laureano

Nik Beachman

Patricia Watson 

Peter Clews 

Rebekah 'Bex' Kelly

Richard Fletcher

Sally Campbell 

Sandy Gildea 


Sioux Macdonald

Stephen Knightly 

Tui Ruwhiu

Screen sector covid-19 Action group


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