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September 2022

New Zealand’s COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic lights) has ended. With case numbers low, it was safe to remove most COVID-19 rules.

The Aotearoa New Zealand international border is now open. Student, visitor and work visa applications are open.

Check out the latest Covid-19 related industry news and announcements:

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This website is designed to be a one-stop hub that will help you find screen-specific health and safety resources, wage and earning subsidy assistance and information, key updates on COVID-19 as well as relevant news and updates from screen guilds and industry organisations.


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the local screen industry hard. While the indeterminate hiatus of a number of large international line productions has resulted in job losses, many essential New Zealand productions continue to strive to keep cast and crew safe at work, whilst ensuring their productions remain operational.


Now, more than ever, our industry needs to work cohesively for the benefit of the screen sector at large. While progress continues on the Screen Sector Strategy 2030, the Strategy Facilitation Group has acted quickly to establish the Screen Sector COVID-19 Action Group to address the immediate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our industry. This pan-sector team comprises many key screen industry guilds and organisations, as well as major stakeholders.  


These unprecedented times call for calm and proactive decision-making in order to protect the local screen sector and to ensure that when recovery happens – and it will – we are all ready to gear back up and get the screen industry in Aotearoa humming again.   


We hope you will join us.

Huihui tātou ka tū! Wehewehe tātou ka hinga! | United we stand! Divided we fall!

Unite Against Covid-19
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